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Dogfather Overnight Care

Whether you are traveling for work, going on a vacation or have a houseguest that’s allergic to your pet – occasionally you may need for your dog to be cared for overnight or for an extended period of time. You can put your trust in The Dogfather’s owner to watch over your best friend while you are apart. She will safely transport your dog her Dogfather home-away-from-home,  located just over the border in New Hampshire. There your dog will dine on his regular diet, sleep in his normal conditions (either crated or freely in the house), and have plenty of playtime with his new canine friends.


Weeknights $45 per night (in New Hampshire)

if you have multiple dogs each additional dog is an extra $20 a night.

“A Service Your Pet Cannot Refuse!”
51 North Margin Street Boston, MA
617 227 2212
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