The Dogfather offers both group and private lessons taught by our experienced and dedicated trainer John Mannering. With a degree from the New England K-9 Training Institute and many years of training service, John will work with you and your pet from basic obedience, to behavior modification, to fear aggression.

In addition to our regular 5 week Puppy Classes, Intermediate Classes, and Advanced Classes, we offer private lessons, behavior modification lessons and lessons for the bully dog.

Puppy Classes

This is a great class for you and your new puppy. The puppy training class is a 5 week course teaching basic obedience commands, proper socialization, housebreaking, proper handling, healthcare, and prepares your puppy for adult dog training. Puppy classes will also prepare your dog for future AKC and non-AKC activities such as the "CGC" Canine Good Citizen program and Dog Therapy program. The cost for the 5 week course is $150.

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Intermediate Classes

This class is for adult dogs who have mastered the basic commands. We will work with you to bring your dog to the next level of obedience, teaching over 15 commands: consistent down/stays and come, proper leash handling, maintaining control with distractions, and targets any problem behaviors such as destructive and anxious behaviors, barking, noise sensitivity, separation anxiety, and aggressive behavior. This course can also prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen and Dog Therapy programs. The cost for the 5 week course is $250.

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